Client: The Voice Publication
Audience: Graphic Designers and people related to the graphic design industry, and it’s tools and supplies.
Deliverable: Publication
My Role: Art Director & Photographer & Designer & Illustrator
The Voice Publication is a quarterly publication for graphic designers and other people related to the graphic design industry. It includes articles that concerned with ecological practices in graphic design. The Voice is looking for a solution to gain more audiences and initiate conversations in the field.
Why This Look
One article in this issue compared the traditional typewriter and the digital world. It’s the same as the photogram comparing to modern digital photography. By experimenting and combining the film developing reel and skyscraper city shape elements, I blend traditional and modern days together through the photogram technique. 
Break the grid with layout and using a 5 x 5 square format turn the publication into something that people can easily carry around and share with each other. All those traits are trying to emphasize the idea of staying creative and experiment in the design world, which can trigger discussion topics among the readers in order for the The Voice to acquire new audiences.
The Process
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