I am a product designer currently based in Hong Kong with an interactive/graphic design and entrepreneurship background. I believe in the power of storytelling and am always curious about learning from other people’s stories. Particularly, I’m passionate about delivering impactful solutions, cross-cultural communication, and social entrepreneurship. 
I love problem-solving and applying the design-thinking process to my everyday life. Currently, I'm working as a UX/UI designer at iMBrace, a SaaS startup aiming to empower businesses to bridge organizational silos and connect with their customers.
To me, design is more than an aesthetic look. It's more about experiences, usability, and the impact delivered by communicating through design. With my international background, I want to serve as the bridge builder across cultures and between different stakeholders. Growing up, I've always been quiet due to my traditional upbringing. But after moving to the US for college and becoming more involved in Western culture, I've learned how important it is to speak up and use my skillsets to make people's lives better. Now I'm back in Asia pursuing my master's degree in interaction design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and up for bigger challenges.
Outside of design, you’ll find me wandering around the city with my camera, capturing life moments and chatting with people I encounter. 
This website showcases the design, art projects, and photography I created. I am always open to chat, so feel free to send an email or connect with me on LinkedIn!