Client: Alan Walker
Audience: Alan Walker's fans and general music/art followers
Deliverable: Poster
My Role: Graphic Designer
This is a merch poster for Alan Walker's song "Dark Side". The two lines of lyrics included in this poster are "Let go of the light" and "Fall into the dark side". The lyrics are formed into a pictograph with the Calligram technique. This poster tried to communicate with the audiences and present uncertainty through repeating but not aligned phrases. It reinforced this feeling with additional space between letters, words, and the floating name "dark side". The heavy san serif font used for the floating name "dark side" aimed to combine softness and firmness simultaneously. 
The concept behind the poster: even though we as individuals seem to be weak as a tiny unit in life, we are strong inside and have the power to walk through the dark side.​​​​​​​
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