** All 6 images were shot on 35mm film 
    Vision Award 2018 Nomination 
This project consists of 6 photography of restaurant window around DC. I like people watching. And I like DC as a really diverse city and the direct way shown that is through all these different and amazing restaurants we have around DC. Therefore, I came up this idea to shoot different windows around DC to show that diversity as well as expressing my own interests. I want to show this theme thoroughly, thus I choose to have half of the photo shoot during the day and the other half during the night. And the series starts during the day and goes into the night shots. It starts with the one with the most reflection on the window and gradually goes into those you can’t see any reflection which aims to represent the idea that from the superficial to the underlying. And also it’s walking from my outside towards my deep heart. This series reflects the way I see the world along with some underlying self-expression.

WINDOW Series - "W

WINDOW Series - I

WINDOW Series - N

WINDOW Series - D

WINDOW Series - O

WINDOW Series - W"

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