Client: Çay 
Audience: People who consume caffeine product regularly 
Deliverable: Packaging
My Role: Designer & Photographer
Cay is a tea producing company with a specialization in traditional Turkish tea. Their Turkish flower tea is collected from special regions of Anatolia, Turkey with real flowers, which has a refreshing sweet taste with notes of the spring and a pleasing long-lasting floral aftertaste. They aim to deliver a healthier option for caffeine consumers and call for action to encourage people to substitute their coffee with fresh Turkish flower tea.
Why This Look
The fresh Turkish flower tea offered by Cay tea producing company is not only a great brain power charger with the caffeine but also brings lots of health benefits as well. The coffee cup is a signature of how the majority of the caffeine consumers start their day.
The Process
Using flower tea leaves to construct the shape of the coffee mug and the shape of the brand conveys the idea of substituting coffee and charging your brain with tea.
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